Time To Ditch Toxic Air Fresheners! Choose Wax Sachets.

Updated: Apr 11

Have you ever thought about what your bathroom air fresheners are made of?

We guess it never came to your notion while picking up a pack of bathroom fresheners at a minimal price, but they are a house of chemicals that can create a major long-term health complication!

We are writing down a line exactly copied from the search result about air fresheners :

Is bathroom air freshener toxic?

Air fresheners, even ones called green and organic, can emit potentially hazardous chemicals. Fewer than 10% of air freshener ingredients are typically disclosed to the public.

We as a concerned brand towards our customers & habitat, bring you some awareness to ditch a chemical-full life you have been living until now and change the way you breathe, it’s time to opt for wax sachets!


What Are Wax Sachets?

They are a residence of fragrances made entirely naturally and can be used in your homes to spread aroma & fresh feels.

Sachets are made of hand-poured soy wax, dried botanicals, and essential oils.

The fragrances can be flowery, fruity, spicy, or more.

How Wax Sachets Can Be Used?

When it comes to bathroom fresheners, companies say the sachet emits aroma for up to 30 days but they hardly stay for half of their promised time, so if we give it a thought, you are wasting your money.

Switch To Wax Sachets :

Beautifully decorated with dried botanicals, increase the elegance of your adobe. Just hang them or place them wherever you want to. They become a natural source of fragrance. People generally use them in compact spaces as they work their best in small areas like bathrooms, wardrobes, drawers, closets, and cupboards.

The fragrance of our wax sachet generally stays for 45 to 60 days after unpacking, releasing no chemicals or toxins but natural freshness!

Opt for natural sachets and create a healthy breathing environment for your kids, pets, loved ones, and yourself.

We hope you spread awareness and care to create a healthy living home!


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