Night-blooming jasmine, 'Raat ki Rani'  is a pleasant-smelling flower that starts blooming in September when winters approach. 
This highly-scented candle is our founder's personal favorite as it helps to calm her soul. She says, "I have a strong connection with this product as it feeds my soul, keeps me happy and motivated. I used to wait for September to smell the flowers from my balcony and now every day, sitting on my desk I can feel fresh & more myself because I made this candle with my heart & feelings!."


Fragrance - Night-blooming Jasmine
Dimension - 4” * 3”
Product Weight - 390 Grams
Wax Type - Soy Wax
Burn Time - Up to 40 Hours
Aluminum wired wick

Night-blooming jasmine Candle

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